Weddings Part Two

This wedding was a gorgeous formal affair.  It took place at one of Fort Worth's historical gems, The Rose Chapel; a sweet little endroit for an intimate event.  The reception was beautiful with swarms of purple flowers and fanciful lighting.  The wedding was not themed per se but there was a lovely vintage nuance, ending just so with a vintage car send off in Sundance Square.

Garcia-Trawick Wedding

Wedding season is just around the corner and here we are just getting some of last year's wedding photographs on the blog.  We are ever so behind, but our blog tardiness is dwarfed by our joy in sharing these.  This wedding was such a delight, it took place in the coolest little "town", if you will.  Someone had a replica of Tombstone built in Cleburne and this creative bride knew that was just the place to tie the knot. They went all out and even had Wyatt Earp officiate their wedding!

Sister Winter

Oh, my friends I've begun to worry right
Where I should be grateful, I should be satisfied
Oh, my heart I would clap and dance in place
With my friends I have so, much pleasure to embrace

But my heart is returned to sister winter
But my heart is as cold as ice

Sufjan Stevens, Sister Winter

 These words.  They are good.  They remind me that there is something about winter that begins to cause this lurking feeling...what is it? "I should be grateful, I should be satisfied"; I think it could have something to do with the fact that spring follows winter; it is dormant but soon will literally break through this bleakness. Or at least what should be bleakness;  it has been unseasonably warm as of late, so that is warping my thoughts here. But all the same, I think there is something there.  Think about it; and while you do that, have a look at these photographs. We are trying to catch up on posting some that we shot over the fall.  These two shoots were so sweet; we chased a gorgeous toddler around the gardens and had a studio newborn session. And the colors of the shoot at the gardens will remind you (if the misseasoned weather has not) that vibrant life is just around the corner.  As will the newborn session because...well, its obvious, isn't it?




The Hoffmans and the Pottses

These two sessions were especially dear to us as both families are related to us! We had a lot of fun playing around at the beautiful Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.  A teen, a tween, a toddler, and a baby; we were not lacking a good range of children. A caught smile here and there, some wrestling, jumping, and a sweet baby's foot or two all made for a couple of enjoyable sessions.